how to edit the pageSize of kendogrid to make 1-10 of 100 in this change color and clickable to execute a function

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I have a kendo grid which uses traditional [kendoGridBinding]="gridData" like this -

`<kendo-grid #grid [kendoGridBinding]="gridData"  [pageable]="true"  
 [pageSize]="5" style="cursor:pointer">

<kendo-grid-column *ngFor="let column of columns" [field]="getColumnField(column)" [title]="getColumnTitle(column)" [width]="getColumnWidth(column)">


It shows the pageSize like 1-5 of 10. I am looking for a way so i can make pageSize clickable to execute a function and also change color of pageSize buttons. is it possible to do it. if yes can someone put any light to show how can i approach towards it. thanks for help in advance.

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You override the existing pager by nesting a ng-template with the directive kendoPagerTemplate inside your kendo-grid.

This way you can use custom elements and logic inside the pager. (API-Reference)

    <ng-template kendoPagerTemplate>
        <!-- add custom components or reuse existing pager elements --->
作者: Philipp 发布者: 29.12.2017 05:41