Constructing a tree structure from table?

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I have a similar requirement as this question at: What is the most efficient/elegant way to parse a flat table into a tree?

In my case, the table can contain potentially a millions of row, the depth of the node structure to the root may be around 5 to 6, but the breadth of the nodes could be huge,

I am using entity framework C#, is there a fast and efficient algorithm by which we can figure out the structure via entity?

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If you have DataTable, you can try something like this (recursive function):

private void FillTree(TreeNode pnode,DataTable data)
        DataRow[] cnodes = data.Select("catparent=" + pnode.Tag.ToString());
        foreach (DataRow crow in cnodes)
            TreeNode ctn = new TreeNode(crow["catname"].ToString());
            ctn.Name = "Cat" + crow["cat_id"].ToString();
            ctn.Tag = crow["cat_id"].ToString();
            FillTree(ctn, data);

This is my table structure:

This is my table structure:

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