Google Spreadsheet trigger onChange doGet() available, what about doPut()?


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According to the google app script documentation here on simple triggers...

it is possible to trigger a script via doGet and doPost HTTP requests to a web app.

however, I need to run a script every time a doPut HTTP request is run.

Is this possible? (obviously not with simple triggers but with an installable trigger?)

作者: Jeremy Dance 的来源 发布者: 2017 年 12 月 27 日

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The answer is a resounding yes. Sending GET and PUT requests can allow you to run any number of scripts.

There is more. I think this is one of the coolest parts of apps-script. The script you are calling to can be run as you with all of the permissions that you have including admin permissions if you are on G-suite. By using GET and PUT requests you can remove many of the complexities of asking a user permissions to run a script.

Finally, the best thing is, your GET and PUT requests don't need to come from another app-script they can come from anywhere including client side code, and server side APIs.

作者: Jason Allshorn 发布者: 28.12.2017 04:15
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