How to check if category doesn't exist?

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I have a blog post URL as follow:


which was linked to a category & that category has been deleted! What i want now is to show the post. The category of this post has been deleted but how can i check if the category doesn't exists? I tried the following

if(isset($category)) but this isn't working.


Fatal error: Call to a member function getCategory() on a non-object in /httpdocs/apps/mainv2/modules/blog/actions/actions.class.php on line 168

This is a piece of code where the error is happening:

  public function executeEdit(sfWebRequest $request) { #edit video

    $this->nrpag = $request->getParameter('nrpag', 1);
    $cats = array(); #video_cat
    $c = new Criteria();
    $vcats = VideoCatPeer::doSelect($c);
    foreach ($vcats as $vcat) {
        if($vcat != NULL){
            $cats[$vcat->getId()] = $vcat->getCategory();
    $this->cats = $cats;

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You can check whether the object $vcat has an instance of the Category entity and do something in such case. Ex:

foreach ($vcats as $vcat) {
    if($vcat != NULL && $vcat->getCategory() instanceof Category){
        $cats[$vcat->getId()] = $vcat->getCategory();

I haven't tried is just a though. Let me know if that worked

作者: ReynierPM 发布者: 27.12.2017 04:50