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I left joined two Qlickview tables. Left table has 27 columns and around 90,000 rows and the right table has 15 column with 3000 rows. I have some calculations on the second table (just the difference of two date columns).

Now when I load this data in table box, I get close a million record which likely meant that the join caused a repetition of rows. I have checked to see if I have more than one related field between them that could have cause the behavior, but everything looks perfect.

When I select only the record from the left table, i get the exact record length 90,000 and when I select only record from the right table I get eactly 3000 rows, but once I select from both, I have the issue.

After a left join, I expect to have a single table with the joined data. Probably I am missing something. Any idea of what I may be doing wrong?

作者: Trust Okoroego 的来源 发布者: 2017 年 9 月 15 日

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It will be better if you could share your script. I tried to create a smaller example similar to your situation:

load * Inline [
Name, Address, City1
Name2, Add2, City1
Name3, Add3, City2
Name7, Add7, City7

left join(t1) t2:
load * Inline [
Id, Name
1, Name1
2, Name2
3, Name3
4, Name4
5, Name5
6, Name6];

This script gives a final table t1 with four columns :Name, Address, City and ID; it had rows only from t1 and id for Name7 is null. I think this is the result you want.

作者: Preeti Joshi 发布者: 19.09.2017 10:15