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Is it possible to tell to DCOS applications to run on a specific physical set of environment?

Requirement: We have a DCOS environment. Vault, Consul, DBs and custom apps are running on this DCOS environment. We need to run Vault on a separate set of physical machines. Can we approach it on same DCOS environment? Can you please help me to resolve this.

作者: UtpMahesh 的来源 发布者: 2017 年 9 月 15 日

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Have you tried using conda https://conda.io/ for managing env

作者: user1952312 发布者: 15.09.2017 05:30


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You have two ways of achieving this:

  1. you can use agent attributes and marathon contraints to distinguish between both instance types. Please note that you need to use the constraints for both applications (for application A: only run on the nodes with attribute x, and for application B: don't run on the node with attribute x).

  2. use reserved resource roles. Please note, that in this case the resources can only be used for applications running in the specific role and hence cannot be used for other applications.

作者: js84 发布者: 16.09.2017 09:50