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I am working on a plugin which is fired on the creation of the "Notes" annotation entity. But when attached file which is more then 10 MB size then plugin not execute. what I want to know is what is the maximum limit of the data which is passed to the plugin. ? plugin is working fine if I attached document which is less then 10 MB and is is not working if file size is more then 10 MB. I have also used Async execution of the plugin so that I can check the error in system job but there is no error , system job is marked as "In Progress" there is no detail about any error. any suggestion ?

作者: Asim Sajjad 的来源 发布者: 2016 年 5 月 27 日

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did you check if the note actually has the file attached? CRM has a configurable limit for attachment size - which defaults to 5MB, so you are probably getting blocked there unless you have increased that limit.

作者: Joseph Duty 发布者: 27.05.2016 01:12


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Just adding a bit more to what @Joseph said.

Here is the link which explains how to setup the file size limit for attachments.

CRM must be checking the file size limit before giving a chance to your plugin to be executed.

作者: Jordi 发布者: 28.05.2016 11:07